"While 99% of affiliate marketers are failing online..."

How Did I Build Affiliate Mini Sites that Consistently Earn Me $10 - $100 Each Day While Working a Full-Time Job and Looking After My Family?! 

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Dear Serious Affiliate Marketer:

If you’re sick and tired of trying to scratch out a living with affiliate marketing, I’m going to show you exactly how I’ve been able to unlock wave after wave of targeted traffic, hungry buyers and massive sales for the last 9 years --Dave Mac

And it Happened Entirely By Mistake!

My commissions started as many affiliate marketers do – with a BIG FAT ZERO.

Check out my earnings from one of my affiliate accounts:

* And Did I Mention All These Sales Came From Free Search Engine Traffic?

Of course, I wasn’t always this lucky…

It was 2007, and I'd just moved to Japan.I came here with a job, so I was pretty lucky. Trouble was, it was a contract position and I didn't know when the contract would end... Would it be six weeks, six months, or six years?

Being in a strange land, and worried about financial security I was desperate.

I started to dabble in internet marketing. And like many of you, I got dazzled by all the shiny objects and started buying different strategies, methods and plans and trying them out.

And you know what it got me?


I stuck with it for a whole year, simply because I’d make a little commission here and there, and it was enough to convince me that making money with affiliate marketing was possible.

But, as I’m sure you’ve discovered too, I was swimming with lots of small fish in little ponds.

Until one day – when everything changed. I saw that one of my sites was ranked at the top of Google for a very lucrative keyword.

Now, keep in mind, this wasn’t a site that I promoted recently. It just happened to be sitting there on its #1 spot pedestal.

I rubbed my eyes in disbelief.

"It Couldn't Be Real. Could It?"

At first, I thought it was a fluke... I didn’t think it would last, so I focused on the earnings I was making from this one “lucky break”.

After a while I remembered what experienced marketers would say, "Find something that works, then rinse and repeat."

So I rinsed and I repeated... and guess what?

More than 9 years later I'm making thousands of dollars from this one little trick!

My affiliate business has successfully survived (and thrived) despite Google and Bing updates that crumbled other sites – Panda, Penguin, Venice… it conquered them all and continues to earn me $50, $100 and sometimes as much as $200 per day.

And That's Not All!...

The best thing is, once this is setup it takes no time to do (just a little administration). What that means is I can work a full time job and everything I earn from affiliate marketing is mine to spend as I like.

Here are some of fun things I've recently done with my affiliate marketing income:

Osaka, Japan

Cocktails at the Imperial Hotel, Osaka


Breathing in the sights and sounds of Singapore

Sky diving

Sky diving in Melbourne, Australia

Izu, Japan

Cherry blossom adventure at Izu Peninsula, Japan


Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany


Fooling around in Finland


Kicking back at Crown Casino, Melbourne, Australia


Checking out the canals of Venice


About to lose my ice-cream in Croatia


Cruising the Adriatic Sea

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